Sunday, 1 January 2012

The First Trailer

2012!! With so much speculation happening about the end of the world, I decided that I will not leave a stone unturned to take up anything that comes my way or something that I intend to do, so as, to not have to repent at a later point in the skies, of letting something go off my hand/head when I could reach for it. That is something that struck me hard and lo!! I’m up with my first blog, hoping to keep up my resolution of frequently posting a few, if not many.

A new year bash, an end-of-year extravaganza or be it a start-of-year thrill or excitement, in contrast to the usual flamboyant bustle that happens around the new years’ eve, with me it always begins with a theatrical melodrama of emotions, serenity and seclusion. And before you drive away with imagination, this movie is screened only for me, within me, driven by me and I own the copyrights from “Titles” to “Climax” for this. 

Thoughts about things to be improved, ways to improve them, avenues to be explored, options to choose from, people to be befriended/remembered, situations to be erased, pathways to get to that point – the point that I uniquely think about for myself, so on and so forth, align to form a preface for the story of the next 12 months to come. At times, out of sequence scenes and things that are way irrelevant happen, and they are ought to be brought back in sync forcefully. Then a typical bollywood style sentimental scene, where there is fretting about, not having achieved some goal, loss that cannot be replaced, holes that cannot be sealed and happenings that sensitized feelings and emotions, and then………..……senses back to the song playing in the background – usually a slow, soothing one, just one playing in loop.

Preposterous isn’t it?? But that is how I like it to be. The next morning, I wake up with a new sense of hope, excitement and the zeal and anxiety to see the things that I had witnessed the previous night, come alive. It wasn't a dream, but a picture that was silently played especially for me, my thoughts and my emotions and over every thing, played as per my instructions and the way I wanted to see it.

Then every other day – at least for a couple of more weeks, trailers keep popping up, reminding me of things, sometimes new trailers are seen, for certain unexpected/ unwanted circumstances encountered. Déjà vu’s are always an integral part. Of course there are ad’s too, may be in the form of an instant message or a sting from a tiny visitor.

Though a bit bizarre and strange, and the mood may sound melancholic for a few (of course for me too), but still I prefer to witness them every now and then! This season, it is Teri Meri, looping in the player as the sun rises to welcome the next year!! Let’s wait and watch!! Hope to catch up with some good music, as this one in 2013 (if one happens)!!


  1. Very nicely written. Looking forward to more of your thoughts. Keep blogging.

  2. Well dreamt and expressed. Let it come, one day you'll be able to write a bollywood script.

  3. Woow- is this my lil brother who has written this sooo well....keep feeding our minds with such good work as often as u can!

  4. good going dude...keep writing from the heart