Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lacking the push

It was a foggy winter morning; I had packed my bag and was all set to rush, to board the office bus, which I’m often prone to miss. Ah! But finally I was glad I made it on time, otherwise it would have been really difficult for me to get to office by alternate means on that chilly morning. In fact I would have preferred to connect from home. Luckily I managed to secure a window seat for myself and for once felt relieved.

I quickly made myself comfortable and was up with a magazine in hand and an ear phone hooked on. The gray and dull weather was asking me to play some soothing and melodious song.  After much search I had chosen one and went on to play it in a loop. Turning a couple of pages, I suddenly realized that I was actually humming the song and not reading through. The cool breeze combined with mist was calling me to see it conquer the atmosphere. I immediately shut the book and with great emotion and zeal went on to have a glimpse of the picturesque surrounding covered with mist and dew. A couple of minutes passed. I was totally enjoying what I was seeing and to add to the beauty was the song playing in the background. It felt like heaven, with the mind wandering and dreaming about beautiful things, but this feeling didn’t last for long.

A scene on the main road hit me badly. I pulled off my ear phones and was all gripped on, to capture the scene. The vehicle was nearing the sight and I was anxiously looking out to see what had exactly happened. I did get a complete view of what had occurred but it all disappeared in a few seconds and we drove away quickly and were far away in a while, even before I could ask the driver to stop by for a minute. But that scene is still alive in my eyes and my heart sank down for her and it still does even as I pen this down recollecting the same.

You will be surprised to hear, if I say that the scene was devoid of humans. Yes! That’s right! There was not a single person at the sight, to be more specific nobody cared to even stop and look. Everybody drove their way, though they knew that something ill had occurred. A cow was hurt on its leg probably while crossing the road and was unable to move. It was sitting close to the central divider and I could see it writhing in pain. Poor animal! But what affected me further was that, there were two other cows standing next to the injured cow as a protective armor and were probably calling out for help. But nobody dared to stop; at least I didn’t see anyone stop in the short span that I had noticed. And even “I” didn’t, rather I couldn’t.

I thought I should stop the bus and render some help, but the thought remained a thought and I never executed it. I felt I lacked the push in me. I could have asked the driver to stop, so that I could go and help, but I never did. I was a mere spectator. Not that we aren’t humane, we all have a tenderness within us. We are all sensitive to certain things, but when it comes to executing them we take a step back and never push ourselves to face the situation.

I felt personally that the “someone else” factor was stopping me. The whole day I was praying that someone should have come to rescue her, but I never attempted to go. From here on I’m determined that the next time I come across a situation of this sort, I should give a second thought, stop and help, and not rely on someone else to do it. This applies in helping ourselves too in many circumstances. Prosopopoeia thus conveys that, the next time we think of something, we shouldn’t step back, but try going against the inner pull and execute it, and I’m very sure it is going to be exciting, satisfying and even more fulfilling.


  1. Cow is considered sacred in our country. Is it?

    That's a problem with worshippers. They are god fearing, not loving.

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  3. Raghuveer.. Yes, that indeed happens with most of us. Atleast with me. I have been in that situation many times. I feel like helping, but then, i have seen some one else do it or some times the same happened just like how it did to you. That lack of push is what it matters. Really!! Even i hope "she" is fine and got help.