Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Acute-Angled Season

      Finally back after quite a while! At least I planned to reappear if not disappear completely. Have been longing to write a post for sometime now, but just that the right inspirational spell was missing to put something down. Not that some real exciting thing has come my way now, but just wanted to convey the experiences during the low tide time.

        It has been a full two months since a stoned has moved out of place, from the regular routine. Have been seeing how a day passes by jam packed with a 100 things to do, be it at work, at home or the oh-so social life! Increased involvement, personal interest in things and the idea of personal responsibility have taken their toll on me and somewhere I feel, they have and they are continuing to suppress me from what I think or dream for myself. May be these are short time priorities, but I kind of dislike, it being an obstacle for my long term goals.

           So, as I look for little openings in my busy world, to free myself from these short little acute angles, took some time out to share with you what prosopopoeia wanted to convey. Not to forget, the soothing monsoon too does its part in bringing down the adrenaline rush and encourages in keeping the thoughts and body safe and secure under the warmth of the thick blankets :)) Ahhh...may be it is just not the time to rush, run, speed and gear up. May be it is for some relaxed, calm and settle back moments. 

          While I take some time to figure out my next step, whether to stay put and calm or whether to get on to the band wagon, I leave you here with a lovely melody......Yaariyan....Na Chode Yaariyan!

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  1. Well said Rags......sometimes, all it takes is a lil bit of relaxation- mind and body and then you will find yourself so full of energy that you cant stop yourself!