Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Emotional Essence

Heights of insanity! 3AM, Sunday and I'm up, holding my pad writing down what Prosopopoeia is conveying. This time a little attempt out here to convey how emotions and sensitive feelings help greatly in re-inspiring and motivating us in things that we do/would want to do and in turn acts as a driving force getting things done at ease and at a faster pace too.

            As a consequence of deep thinking and analyzing the circumstances with utmost emotional sincerity, we tend to get stimulated to a great extent towards setting the stage right. This very provocative thought urges us to get on to heels to take the required action and to strike the gong hard at the right time. Trust me, any immediate action at that moment, will have our complete heart and soul involved and we are ought to give it our best shot, though the decision was quite a quick one.

            Actions tied with emotional appeals and sensitive arousal are definitely going to achieve big and go a long way in contributing to the betterment of the situation in context, in contrast to things done at any other hour. But, often when such instances occur, we might not be in a position to take immediate necessary action due to situational circumstances. In such cases, it is important to keep the feeling instilled until the right time ticks. Now, each of us may have a different take on how to maintain this stimulus and keep it alive and going for some time. 

While, I have seen people refraining from general talks, preferring to be lonely, and trying to pull in like minded people into intense conversations, I personally prefer to sit up reading a calm literary piece or as usual have my headphones hooked on, playing a good soothing song. 

This really helps in delivering immediate and logical results since, beyond us; it is the instant stimulus from within that is acting currently. Though, numerous such examples are known, the best one would be my very reason to have woke up from deep sleep, as I got lost, seeing the color of water and tears started rolling down my eyes....Puzzled?....Pani Da Rang vekh ke….it is!

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  1. I have noticed that many times for me, time really turns out to be the best healer. It takes time to get over harsh words or behaviors of others.