Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Relentless Vigor

       It has been an awesome time span for a few months now. Wow! Continuous and persistent inflows of instances that literally intensify the adrenaline rush have been on the list. The drive to achieve, to react, to take action and to live the moment, result out of incredible and irresistible happenings, people and events. And if the bell is already ringing then you are definitely there, utilizing the opportunities and getting the right inspiration to get it going strong.

 The Relentless Vigor, literally steady and non-stop motivational activities to keep you intensely enthusiastic and action-oriented. Such moments do give birth to intricate and detailed ideas, innovative thoughts and keep your creative mind busy and thinking. People do complain that there should be time for the gray matter to relax and refresh, but the grey matter is actually over rejuvenated at times and needs to expel and explode. And such ‘high threshold’ conditions as I would call it are just enough to get you totally satisfied and happy at least for a short period if not forever.

So, people out there do capture the phase when the little guy up there is oozing too much creative gray matter, make complete use of the threshold phase and the outcome may not seem appealing to you, but it will create an everlasting impact to the audience. Tried & tested! Just back from an awesome inspirational evening at Ignite Hyderabad and while I keep my thoughts on and get back to doing cool stuff, I leave you with this little quick post on how to tune and utilize the relentless vigor when one happens!

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