Saturday, 8 February 2014

Network is Networth! Truly!

Off late, I have been extensively trying hard to get to something and have been putting in great effort and sweat to achieve it. While skills, hard work, experience and expertise do play a crucial role in addressing the prerequisites, it is ones network that pitches in to shape and align things in place.
While it is very essential to build a robust and vibrant network, it is also important to nourish and nurture it. A network is not just about having the numbers increasing on your social profile page, but it is also about how well you can engage and tap the potential of your network in your daily activities. Also, it is very important to stay connected frequently and not just jump in at times of dire need and buzz.
Connections well nourished and maintained can be very helpful in the long run and can prove to be valuable. Here are top 6 tips according to me to help convert your network into net worth.
  1. Follow your network and learn from it. Tap the potential that it has to offer
  2. Explore and expand your network in your areas of interest
  3. Engage the people in your network by inviting them to a discussion or event
  4. Take advice or suggestions and leverage their expertise
  5. Create a sense of importance by inviting them or notifying them of an opportunity or a thing of mutual interest.
  6. Make it a point to greet your network once in a while at least with a tag
Feel free to add more to these points. I’m sure everyone has their own interpretation. But the ABC’s remain the same. A well connected and maintained network is your key to opportunities, expanded scope, heightened visibility and increased knowledge. It also helps develop ones personality and helps think and look beyond horizons. Network is truly your net worth. While I go and build mine, I encourage you to get busy doing the same.

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