Sunday, 4 September 2016

Privilege of sustained change

It is a matter of fact that change takes time, adapting to change is a process and happens slowly. But what if change happens in a jiffy? In some cases change and adaptation happen parallelly, but in certain instances a change happens and one has no option rather than to adapt to it. Some people also take the privilege to quit adapting to the change, but what if there isn't any quit button at all! Adding to these perspectives are also interesting insights from my current reading 'Hare Brain and Tortoise Mind' by Guy Claxton. 

In my professional experience, I have seen changes, transitions and transformations that people say is hard to adapt to or hard to accept and live with. But personal experiences also teach that transitions just happen and there is no choice but to accept it. So if we are all getting time to adapt to a change then we must surely be privileged.

My blog post The Clearing Skies ended with me being patient and waiting for the skies to get cleared. Now that things are getting clear, you suddenly also witness that you are at a new level altogether and have to adapt to the 'changed' atmosphere. On a funny note, the privilege to hide behind the clouds is now lost. On a factual note, you can literally spot the stars once the skies are cleared.

Prosopopoeia conveys that changes are of course inevitable but in most cases everyone is privileged because the change gets induced slowly. But in some cases it just is instant. So prosopopoeia hints to stay open for experiences, complain less and live the moment.

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  1. Very true what you say! The only constant thing in life is change!!