Tuesday, 26 December 2017

An enthusing expedition to the core!

My previous post talked about how change is inevitable in life and sustained change is a privilege. The past year saw me placed in a totally different context and setting than that I was accustomed to since very many years. It also opened up opportunities for me to place myself in the centre of the sphere and see the world revolve around me rather than being a point on a plane that covered multiple spheres. First time the feeling of being closer to myself evolved and has been growing further, going deep into a journey of introspection and self-exploration. This is not about being self-centered rather seeing the world through my own eyes rather than others'.

This process has had a positive impact on me in many ways - the extra outer layers are now being withered off and the core is coming to light. One might think that extra layers give extra shielding, but it is time we realised that one doesn't need a shield against oneself. The way I perceive things, my thought process, my approach to problems and my interactions have gone up an extra mile, is my feeling and I have a positive vibe about it. In this state I feel more connected with people around me than I used to think I was in my previous state.

My recent reading of Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho, Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder and a daily dose of some philosophical and spiritual readings have also been vital in pushing me to dig deep down. Now the next question that I ask myself is what is there deep down? Well a straight forward answer that comes to me is 'what I want out of life?' But thinking beyond, it reveals a lot other things besides what I want for myself. What can I do for others? What makes me tick? What is it that I want to be known for? What are those random little things that I should continue doing, which create a positive wave in others and unfortunately which I don't realise? Similarly what are those actions that I should be wary off? And it is eternal bliss and joy when I sit answering these questions for myself.

Prosopopoeia conveys that self-awareness is a journey that should start with you at the epicentre and this journey will help build a better you for yourself and for the world. Happy introspecting in 2018!

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  1. Well said Raghuveer. Life teaches us good lessons every moment but we are not always ready for it. Times like these are in fact good opportunities to make our lives more meaningful. Good luck and hoping the New Year brings us all peace and happiness!