Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rejuvenating Conversations

A month loaded with some truly rejuvenating and refreshing conversations and chats. Wow! It was indeed a sweet short month with some ‘to be preserved’ memories and thoughts. The excitement to talk to people who actually want to see you conquer and succeed is just inexplicable. It doesn’t just boost the confidence and keep the alarm buzzing within you, but also takes you through an imaginary and virtual world of what will happen soon. Yes, the word “will” may raise a doubt, but if the alarm is still buzzing after entering the next month, I don’t think it needs much attention. And imagine how it would be to have not just one such conversation, but a bunch of them together with a couple of awesome e-mail exchanges. The continuous inflow of great thoughts, inspirational messages and some quality knowledge from calm reading has constituted the major portion of the month.

Usually such things happen with everyone but the next morning we wake up, we often tend to move along and sideline the previous days’ experiences. But for those who actually give it a thought the next day and take a step forward, it becomes a challenge. The following day, the thought will turn into a little action and slowly it becomes a part of the daily routine, which not just gives you contentment, but gathers attributes for the challenge sought after. And as the attributes keep building day after day, it becomes easy for us to get through the challenge without much effort, which might otherwise be needed towards the end. By end, it means the end of the current challenge, the task marked with utmost priority on your calendar. But more than a calendar note, it is the challenge that took birth some where deep inside your heart and has been alerting you to get it done sometime in life. Once done, the next follows.

Day after day, the action gains momentum and on the journey towards the ultimate challenging task, we tend to acquire some real great experiences, untold stories and many other unknown facts, or I can say known, but ‘so-far thought-unreal’ facts. And at times, we develop the zeal to pass it on and share the experiences with others, which is what I’m doing at the moment. But, one may ask, what may be that challenging task, who are ‘the’ people around us......I would say, that’s for you to find out. Get hooked on, start exploring……, I will leave you right here…as I tap to the tunes of “Subha Hone Na de, Saath Khone Na De”…………. 


  1. Ek doosre ko hum sone ne de- tu mera hero, Raghu...tu mera hero O O O OOOOOO" !!!

  2. RR.. Excellent boii..!! Simple, Short, Amazing. :) :)